Working Fatherhood through COVID-19 and Beyond

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the way in which we work and live, resulting in unique challenges for working parents. Out of necessity, these challenges have prompted important conversations around the role that men have in the workplace and at home, what these roles currently look like, and how they may have changed, or could change, as a result of COVID-19. To better understand the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on working fathers, Transitioning Well has partnered with Di Marzio Research. After conducting 10 in-depth interviews during the first lockdown, the second stage of the research includes an online survey to reach a wider audience of fathers. In addition to better understanding the experience of working fathers at this time, this research also hopes to better understand the perceived level of organisational support received and ways in which this can be improved.

The Transition Well and The Nourish Learning Hub

SUPPORT AND PARTNERSHIP FOR EXPECTANT/NEW PARENTS Launched in late 2019, ‘The Transition Well’ digital platform, created by the team at Transitioning Well, has been well received by organisations looking to support expectant and new parents within their workforce. A valuable tool mostly used in conjunction with parental leave coaching, ‘The Transition Well’ is a tailored…

The Pendulum of the Pandemic

Overnight Victoria announced they would revert back to tighter restrictions with 5 people allowed in homes for at least the next 3 weeks. Whilst many will understand the logic behind this, for most there will be increasing anxiety levels and frustration. In comparison to the rest of the globe Australia’s numbers are low and we certainly are the envy of many countries. But even whilst one’s fear of catching the virus itself might be low, one of the biggest issues we now face is the fear of ‘being stuck’ in this transition.

Building your Lighthouse through COVID-19

Just as a sailor looks to a lighthouse to orient themselves, so too can we build a personal lighthouse to ensure our decisions and behaviours are guided intentionally during this uncertain time. With full houses and full brains, we can all be feeling a bit seasick. Taking the time to build our own lighthouse can…

Working from Home

Transition to Home: What Do I Need to Know about Working from Home with Kids and Partners through COVID-19? The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major shift in how Australians will work for the foreseeable future. For many organisations, having employees work remotely is entirely new. Not so long ago, only one in three Australians…

Making A Successful Career Transition

Making the decision to change careers at any stage during your life can feel both exciting and daunting. There are many reasons you might be thinking about a change in your career – stress, work/life balance or lack of fulfilment. Whatever your reason and no matter your age, armed with the right knowledge and tools,…

Ageing Workforce Ready

Newsletter #2
MARCH 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 is having a significant impact on all sectors of society, demanding that we make rapid changes to our way of life and placing substantial financial, emotional and social stressors on all of us.

The Ageing Workforce Ready Project team hope that by publishing a newsletter during this unique time we can provide much needed support to employers with older employees.

New Findings Highlight The Need For Organisations To Support The Hidden And Ongoing Seasons Of Working Parenthood

Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) and Transitioning Well release four key resources through PWWP, a program helping new and expectant parents The teams at Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) and Transitioning Well are proud to announce the launch of four key resources, filled with findings, strategies, and information designed to build organisational capability required to…