Transitions can be overwhelming until you can identify where you are in the change process and how best to meet your needs. Transition support can help individuals and organisations to prepare for transition or adjust to a change that’s already occurred. Sometimes we don’t get to opt into a change, it just happens! By working through transition together, our transition support can help you feel back in control.

While change can be challenging, we prefer to look at it this way… work-life transitions offer individuals and organisations unique development opportunities. Transitioning Well can support you in navigating work-life change.

Parental Leave

Shaping the transition from "Working Person" to "Working Parent"

There are few transitions in life bigger than the one from ‘Working Person’ to ‘Working Parent’. To support this significant work-life change, and in association with the Center for Parental Leave Leadership (USA), we offer an extensive range of programs including our flagship Parental Leave Program: RETAINOz TM. This evidence based program includes assessments, action plans and interactive sessions to ensure a successful transition for all involved.
 The offer also includes:

  • Parental Leave Coaching for employees and managers
  • Workshops and Webinars at key transition touch points
  • ‘Paternity at Work’ Program for working Dads

Our team can also develop a customised program to suit your individual or organisational needs.

Work-Life Balance

Rethinking the intersection between work and life

Most people would say a healthy work-life balance is important for both personal and professional success – almost everybody would say it’s hard to achieve and getting harder. For individuals it’s about balancing work, family, community and many other demands with some self and recovery time. For organisations it’s about finding innovative ways to help people and business integrate work and life in ways that are sustainable for both the individual and the organisation.

Our team can work with individuals and organisations to help move them towards healthier work-life integration. With a focus on planning, prioritising and accountability our customised programs can make a real difference to the lives of people and organisations.


Building capability for an ageing workforce

Mature-Age navigation supports organisations and their people around both the management of a healthy ageing workforce and the provision of constructive exit conditions to promote a successful ‘work to retirement’ adjustment. Although a new challenge for organisations, the ageing workforce and predicted skills shortage, presents an opportunity for organisations to get serious about sustaining careers beyond the historic retirement age.

Our team can help make smoother mature-age transitions by offering access to a range of flexible packages tailored to individual, manager and organisational needs.

Would you like to know more?

Transitioning Well services are offered in flexible packages tailored to individual, manager and organisational need. Please contact us for a solution that suits you.

We provide a range of services focused on supporting organisations and their people before, during and after significant life-cycle transitions at work. Operating across Australia, our team of psychologists are passionate about providing the highest level of care to our clients.

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