Mature-Age Transition Training

Work to Retirement Transition (Manager Support)

Run in partnership with HR Legal, and designed to address the shifts in workplace demographics, this 2 hour workshop equips managers with the knowledge and skills to proactively facilitate the work-to-retirement transition, while managing legal risk.

Note: An extended workshop incorporating your specific organisational policies can be customised upon request.

Employees may be particularly reluctant to initiate retirement discussions unless culturally sanctioned options are provided.

- Donaldson, Earl & Muratore, 2010

Retirement is an important part of life for each of your employees. Everyone has a right to retire at their own discretion into meaningful post-career activities, and as such supporting those employees heading into the latter stages of their working life is critical to maintaining a healthy ageing workforce.

Discussing retirement plans with supported employees should not be considered discriminatory; it is in fact good practise when conducted properly.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Highlight the significance of the transition and the challenges it can present from a workplace context.
  2. Explore the manager’s role, legal obligations and best practice strategies including responding to requests for flexible working arrangements.
  3. Develop communication skills to help promote authentic conversations and consistent messages across the transition.
  4. Discuss the practical implications of the transition through relevant case studies and the development of a ‘Transitional Action Plan’ (TAP).
  5. Identify a range of resource pathways (both internal and external) to support the transition.
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