Parental-Leave Transition Training

Parental Leave Action Planning

Every employee preparing for leave is encouraged to create a clear and comprehensive leave plan. Our Next StepsTM: Action Plan is a self navigation tool that guides the employee through this process – think of it as a parental leave road map. To help design a tailored and useful document, this 30 min webinar has been designed as a complementary ‘how to’ resource.

The best way to prepare for parental leave is to plan your return.

- Dr Amy Beacom, Founder & CEO of the Center for Parental Leave Leadership

Learning Outcomes:

Available Nationwide and delivered by a Transitioning Well psychologist, this webinar will:

  • Provide a framework for building a Parental Leave Transition Action Plan (the what).
  • Understand the importance of each component of the Action Plan (the why).
  • Identify the steps involved in creating the leave plan including best practice and common challenges in practice (the how).
  • Consider the potential stakeholders involved in creating and supporting the plan (the who).
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