Parental-Leave Transition Training

Making Leave Manageable

Rather than relying on the ‘boss lottery’, this 2 hour workshop/webinar has been designed to build consistent capability across your people leaders. Structured around the three phases of leave – preparing for leave, during leave and returning from leave – this training provides practical strategies on how to ‘make leave manageable’.

Developing knowledge and skills to proactively manage the Parental Leave Transition is a critical leadership capability.

Learning Outcomes:

Available Nationwide and delivered by a Transitioning Well psychologist, this workshop/webinar will:

  • Understand the significance of the transition and the challenges and opportunities it presents in the workplace.
  • Build knowledge around the business case for Parental Leave Transition workplace support and potential derailing factors.
  • Gain insight into Parental Leave Transition risk factors, and their implications for managers.
  • Explore best practice Parental Leave Transition management in line with the 10-A Parental Leave Framework TM.
  • Identify a range of resource pathways to best support the transition.
We provide a range of services focused on supporting organisations and their people before, during and after significant life-cycle transitions at work. Operating across Australia, our team of psychologists are passionate about providing the highest level of care to our clients.

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