Parental-Leave Transition Training

Bridging the Confidence Gap

Unpacking the often silent struggle of many working parents, this 1.5 hour workshop provides both education and strategies to help bridge the ‘confidence gap’ as they transition from ‘working person’ to ‘working parent’.

The hardest thing about returning to work for many new parents is a surprising lack of confidence. Feeling like an imposter or waiting for someone to find out that they are no longer capable of doing their job is very common.

Learning Outcomes:

Available Nationwide and delivered by a Transitioning Well psychologist, this workshop/webinar will:

  • Understand what confidence is and why it’s important in both personal and professional life.
  • Appreciate that next to ‘working parent guilt’ one of the most common experiences of working parents upon their return from Parental Leave is a surprising lack of confidence.
  • Identify factors that can impede upon confidence across the three phases of the Parental Leave Transition – preparing for leave, during leave and returning from leave.
  • Develop practical strategies to help bridge the confidence gap
  • Apply these strategies through a personalised ‘bridging the confidence gap’ action plan.
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