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RETAIN Parental Leave Coaching

RETAIN coaching is designed to offer smooth parental leave transition and assistance for both employees and managers throughout the entire leave process.

Our mission is to help you to create the work environment that supports your employees as leaders and helps them through some of the most challenging decisions of their career.

The majority of modern employees feel unsupported and even confused when making parental leave decisions.

Paternal leave can be a stressful and complex process for employees to navigate. At the same time, your organization will feel the effects of parental leave on managers and work groups. You need help to manage the process, the employee transition and the manager’s response. We’re here to help.

With active participation from the employee and the manager, we set the framework for the leave based on individual needs while working within the framework of your organization’s leave policy.

What is RETAIN Coaching?

Our coaching model focuses on the three aspects of leave administration: planning the leave, the leave itself and returning from leave.

Our unique approach to counseling provides support to the employee along with the organization throughout the leave process, and is appropriate for maternity leave as well as paternity leave. We work with the employee to sharpen leadership skills, develop a plan for success, reduce stress and resolve conflict. This model allows employees to focus their efforts on successful transition into and out of the workplace during their leave.

Benefits of RETAIN

Offering comprehensive parental leave support is a modern point of difference among employers. Often forward-thinking organisations expect their leaders to be innovative and collaborative, and those same organisations need to be proactive, offering new ways to engage those employees to ensure a healthy work-life balance and in doing so, foster loyalty and goodwill. The best employers are those that understand their employees’ needs and create the environment to address those needs.

The transition from work to leave and back to work is a difficult one even for the most dedicated of employees. Helping your employees through that process, both logistically and emotionally, will ensure a smooth transition and a more engaged employee.

Our tailored consulting services will help you:

  • Craft your unique parental leave policy and develop paid leave policies in compliance with state and national laws;
  • Implement policy change;
  • Develop appropriate data collection strategies to measure impact and drive success;
  • Consider risk management implications and position appropriately;
  • Develop effective communication plans that demonstrate your leave leadership internally and externally; and
  • Attract and retain key talent.

Engaging your workforce is one thing, but getting your managers to engage in the process is quite another. Understanding the benefits of parental counseling will help not only the employee but also the manager. A key component is communication between all parties – something our coaching model reinforces.

In most cases, providing managers with a clear understanding of the leave process itself can help them handle the leave situations more effectively. Our team will work with the manager and the employee to understand, plan and execute the leave with minimal disruption to the workplace. We work directly with the employee to assist in the transition back into the workplace, taking the anxiety out of the process for the manager.

Transitioning in and out of the workplace while coping with new parenthood is stressful. For your employees you have the opportunity to take some of the stress and uncertainty out of the equation.

While employees may be anxious during this transition, it’s important to recognize that this is a period of personal and professional growth. We can help you to harness the power of growth during this time and provide your employees the support they need to make this a productive transition.

Assisting in the work transition is one aspect of our coaching model. Our certified coaches are trained to provide physiological, psychological and psychological support. By concentrating on overall health and wellbeing, we offer support for all aspects of parental leave.

In addition to the coaching options available to employers, we now offer direct to individual services including couples counseling. These sessions are aimed at assisting dual income couples devise strategies for successful transition into working parenthood.

Research and Analysis

Through our strategic partnership with LeaveLogic, we are able to provide provide the data necessary to shaping all of your leave policy decisions.

Our research helps you to create a business case for your leave policies. More importantly however, it can help you to understand typical employee behavior surrounding parental leave and to create programs and policies that will retain your top performing employees through the transition.

Our comprehensive approach includes a variety of products:

  • Custom Parental Leave Research Programs
  • RETAIN Lead on Leave Audit
  • RETAIN Parental Leave Research Roundtable
  • Expecting to Work – Continuous Improvement
  • Ongoing Research Project and Programs


Training and Education

Providing resources to your employees is an important aspect of parental leave support. Our full suite of training products include seminars and workshops, webinars, lunch and learns, online modules and panel discussions. We offer more than 15 training products for organisations and employees, each of which has has been developed in-house by certified professionals.

Would you like to know more?

Transitioning Well services are offered in flexible packages tailored to individual, manager and organisational need. Please contact us for a solution that suits you.

We provide a range of services focused on supporting organisations and their people before, during and after significant life-cycle transitions at work. Operating across Australia, our team of psychologists are passionate about providing the highest level of care to our clients.

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