Ms Tamar Balkin

Consultant – Psychologist

Tamar Balkin is a registered psychologist and leadership coach with a Masters in Organisational Psychology and over 18 years diverse coaching and consulting experience. As a working mother with three children, Tamar Balkin is all too familiar with the myriad of thoughts that run through her client’s minds as they prepare to return to work after maternity leave. Taking an evidenced based psychological approach, Tamar builds strong client relationships that enable her clients to leverage their strengths, and maintain the focus and motivation required to take advantage of great opportunities or to manage and resolve difficult challenges. She inspires her clients to think differently, break out of traditional mindsets, and be innovative. Tamar’s focuses on strengths, and in partnership with her clients will set both short and long term career goals that are aligned with her client’s skills needs, interest and values, enabling them to achieve extraordinary results for themselves and their organisations. Through her varied roles within organisations including Mercer, Randstad, Futurestep and PreVisor she has developed wide-ranging skills and experience in corporate coaching across all levels of senior management. Major clients include some of Australia’s largest financial institutions, FMCG sector, as well as Energy Australia (now Essential Energy), Biogen Pharmaceuticals, Ramsey Healthcare, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Electrolux. She also works pro bono in the not-for-profit sector.

We provide a range of services focused on supporting organisations and their people before, during and after significant life-cycle transitions at work. Operating across Australia, our team of psychologists are passionate about providing the highest level of care to our clients.

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